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Beth is a legal AND legislative powerhouse. Having built her prestigious law career from paralegal to associate to thriving solo practitioner, representing clients across the music and entertainment industry, Beth was called to public service in 2018—and won. Now, she also represents Georgia’s House District 95 as the first Democrat and first woman to hold the office and the only Georgia legislator who works in entertainment law.


As Vivid IP Senior Counsel, Beth steadfastly and incisively guides our clients through the intricacies of the entertainment industry, from business formation and partnership agreements to due diligence and contract negotiations. Her unrivaled entertainment law expertise, exacting research, and undaunted counseling style, combined with highly tuned listening skills (she is a master of music law, after all), make her an ideal fit—and formidable brand champion—for Vivid IP.


Beth’s commitment to using her outstanding legal and leadership talents to build greater success for clients and communities doesn’t end there. She also serves on the board of the Bridges Peachtree Corners nonprofit, a community-building organization, and as co-founder of Tunewell, a music licensing company.


When she’s not making and enforcing laws across Georgia, Beth enjoys playing piano, attending concerts, hiking Stone Mountain, and biking Atlanta’s extensive trailway system.


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Our boutique, Atlanta-based intellectual property firm serves as a dedicated IP law partner for local to global brands across the entertainment, biomedical/biopharmaceutical, hotel/hospitality, and technology industries—and beyond.


We know the true value of intellectual property—your brand, your creation, your invention—amounts to so much more than a number behind a dollar sign. It takes into account the hours you’ve put in. The sacrifices you’ve made. The sweat. The struggle. The hustle. Long nights, early mornings, and bottomless cups of coffee.


Originality takes ingenuity. But it also takes hard work, guts, and grit. We see in our clients the same passion and purpose that pushes us to out-do ourselves every day: The drive to create something new, novel, and—ultimately—invincible.

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