What kind of services do the lawyers of Vivid IP & Entertainment offer?

We teach and advise clients about their intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets. We draft and negotiate a wide variety of entertainment industry contracts, from recording and publishing deals to artist management agreements to film investment agreements. We research, file, and defend trademark registrations. We prosecute patents for inventors. We represents clients in litigation matters, including copyright infringement, trademark infringement, breach of publicity rights, and breach of contract.

How much do the services of Vivid IP & Entertainment cost?

Attorney Beth B. Moore’s rate is currently $350/hour. Other team members at Vivid IP & Entertainment have varying rates, from our paralegal John to our founding member Marcy. For transactional work and hourly consulting, we offer flat fees to make the engagement process as easy and transparent as possible. Other matters will require a general retainer, against which the value of our services is applied. Litigation matters require the client to pay a non-refundable engagement fee, cover the cost of expenses, and pay the firm a contingency of any settlement or damages award. 

How is the cost of services determined?

We offer a free twenty minute phone introduction so we can learn more about the nature of your legal inquiry, which allows us to prepare a personalized estimate. Call us anytime, or you can schedule a time online for us to call you.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, we require prepayment of the quote in full before services can begin.

What happens if I have to cancel my services early?

No problem, we keep detailed time sheets and will refund any portion of your prepaid fee which was not used.

Who does Vivid IP & Entertainment represent?

Our clients’ names are strictly confidential, as required by legal ethics rules; however, we represent a wide variety of songwriters, recording artists, record labels, publishing companies, licensing companies, recording studios, film and television producers, actors, reality tv contestants, scriptwriters, talent and modeling agencies, public relations agencies, authors, video game developers, web developers, and many other types of professionals in the creative arts industries.

Will you “shop” my record/film/screenplay to potential buyers?

No, we can only service clients who secure their own opportunities and business relationships. “Shopping” is part of the sales process, not the legal process.

I was told I need an “agent or attorney” to submit my material to a label/studio – can you do that for me?

No, labels and studios do not accept unsolicited material, regardless of who sends it. We do not shop materials.

Can you help me with a breach of contract issue?

Yes, there are some things we may be able to do to help remedy a breach of contract issue prior to you filing a lawsuit. Please call to inquire.

Can you file a lawsuit for me?

Vivid IP & Entertainment d/b/a Sperry IP Law offers litigation services to clients with matters relating to theft or misuse of intellectual property, breach of contract, and other civil matters. Please call to inquire.

Is my call/email to you confidential, even if I don’t hire you?

Yes, our communication will be kept strictly confidential, regardless of whether you hire us. We will never disclose to anyone the content of our conversation or even the fact that we had a conversation.

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